Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a fundamental piece in our Health and Well-being

Scientific evidence shows that the consumption of olive oil reduces blood cholesterol levels, favorably modifying the mechanisms that lead to the development of atherosclerosis.

Furthermore, if we distinguish between a “good” fraction and a “bad” fraction within cholesterol, olive oil, unlike other vegetable oils, also has a favorable effect by raising the level of the “good” fraction of cholesterol and reducing the “bad” fraction..

This property makes it a heart-healthy product.

In addition to this virtue, olive oil has been shown to exert protective effects on other parts of the body: in the stomach as it is the best tolerated fat, reduces gastric acidity and helps ulcers heal; in the intestine by stimulating transit and reducing constipation; in the pancreas by promoting its function; in the liver and gallbladder, in the skin, bones, … and it is even recommended in the diet of diabetics as it reduces plasma glucose levels and insulin needs.

Its high content of vitamin E, in addition to vitamins A, D and K, has a very positive effect on the cell membrane because its antioxidant properties prevent it from cell aging.

Considering these properties, it is especially recommended for children (it has an action on the growth, mineralization and development of bones) and the elderly (it has a positive effect on the control of aging factors).

Currently, new fields of research continue to open up on the beneficial effect of olive oil on other aspects of health.


These are its characteristics:

1. Abundance of foods of plant origin: nuts, fruits, vegetables, bread, cereals, legumes and potatoes.
2. Choose the freshest foods, those that are preserved in their most natural state.
3. Use olive oil as the main fat.
4. The energy provided by fat should be between 25% and 35%. Saturated fats do not exceed 7-8% energy (calories).
5. Consume a low / moderate amount of cheese and yogurt daily.
6. Weekly consumption of fish, poultry and eggs in a low / moderate amount.
7. As a daily dessert, fresh fruit. Sweets, a few times a week.
8. Red meat, a few times a month.
9. Perform regular physical activity to promote a good weight and physical condition.
10. Consume wine in moderation, usually during meals.

Pyramid made by nutrition experts from: World Health Organization, Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust and Who / Fao Collaborating Center for Nutrition at Harvard Institute of Public Health.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Our Lady of Carmen is ideal for preparing exquisite dishes in your kitchen