The Andalusian farming Cooperative NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL CARMEN is located in the town of Torredonjimeno, in the heart of the area known as “Campiña Sur de Jaén”. This is a very fertile region due to the proximity of river Guadalquivir’s meadow and where the main working activity is the growth of olive trees, mostly in non-irrigated lands and cultivating the “picual” variety, impregnating the virgin olive oil with the most special and excellent characteristics in flavour and odour.

The town of Torredonjimeno, from its Roman origins (known as colony Gemela Augusta Tuccitana), passing through the Muslim domination, to the present moment, has been marked by the culture of the olive tree and the olives and has developed an idiosyncrasy around the olive oil, as it can be seen in economical aspects, traditional customs and gastronomy.

In 1964, 87 members set up the farming Cooperative of NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL CARMEN. Since the beginning, the policy of the Cooperative has always aimed to the expansion and improvement of our facilities, service and products. Nowadays, there are more than 350 members and a land extension of 5700 hectares of olive trees, with an average production of five million and a half kilos of olive oil approximately.

Since 2004, we have a new factory, pioneer in technical and technological advances and with the certification of Quality and Environmental Management in accordance with rules ISO 9001 and 14001, helping to ensure that all the production processes offer the traceability and food security in our final products.


The cooperative integrates in its organization a “Demand Committee” that identifies needs and defines solutions. It is our pillar to ensure that the company is customer-oriented, we start with the market and let ourselves be guided by it in every decision, investment and change.

One of the pillars of the company policy has been the desire for expansion, sustained by strategies of continuous improvement of our processes in all areas of the organization. In constant growth since its inception, it commits us to be in continuous renewal, implementing the technical and technological transformations necessary so that we continue to be one of the benchmarks in the Virgin Olive Oil sector. Without leaving aside the taste for the traditional and with the obsession for quality in the final product, we focus our efforts on the lines of action undertaken with respect to the traceability and safety of the products, the plans and projects outlined gaining more and more weight. in these areas. In daily work and in all areas of the organization, the maximum commitment to quality and absolute dedication to the client is breathed.

“Maintain”, ensuring the present, without forgetting the future, “improving”.

The mission of the cooperative is to contribute to making relations between farmers and end customers more effective, providing greater value to the consumer through the identification of opportunities for improvement along the broad chain.

It also takes on a new challenge, that of environmental sustainability, setting new objectives that positions it within the framework of a committed, lively and ambitious Environmental Management in the Olive Oil sector.

The process of making this oil begins in the field with rigorous controls on the flowering and ripening of the olives on the tree, followed by careful harvesting and selection of the fruit. The selected olives are ground at its facilities, controlling all the parameters of the production process to ensure the highest level of quality and safety of the oils obtained.

All this production process would not be possible without the professional team that develops its activity in the different departments of the company. Highly qualified professionals, in a continuous training process and whose sole objective is the achievement and implementation of the principle of excellence in the product and in business management.