The Cooperativa Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Torredonjimeno, dedicated to the milling and elaboration of olive oil, commemorates during this year 2014 the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation.

During the fifty years of its existence, it has undergone various transformations and modifications as a result of its adaptation to the prevailing needs at all times in the oil sector. At present, it has first-rate facilities capable of producing two hundred thousand kilos of virgin olive oil per day.

In the path that has elapsed between yesterday and today of the Cooperative, we must highlight the people who have contributed with their work and dedication to making this company a model industry in the town of Torredonjimeno. For this reason, the Governing Council of the Cooperative wishes that these festive events serve as a tribute to all these people who have contributed, from the governing bodies or as workers, to making the cooperative what it is today.

In a cordial and festive atmosphere, the Cooperative is going to celebrate a series of commemorative events of the fifty years of its existence on October 3, consisting of a mass of thanksgiving, the presentation of the book “LA COOPERATIVA DE ACEITES NTRA. MS. DEL CARMEN DE TORREDONJIMENO. Notes on its 50 years of history ”and to end a dinner in a local restaurant that all members can attend.

There will also be a donation to Cáritas Interparroquial de Torredonjimeno, a quantity of olive oil, to help alleviate the needs of the most disadvantaged families of the town.